The Ching Palace is one of the oldest best restaurant, they are located in Lahug, Cebu City

The Ching Palace is one of the best restaurants, its located in Lahug, Cebu City.

This restaurant serve Chinese menus. Parking space is not quite big, but can accomodate people who wants to eat there. One of the highlights there is their Mammoth arowanas which swim around in a giant aquarium with huge beaks gawk from their cages.



They can be contacted with this number:
Local Tel.# : 32-233-8833; 32-417-2988


  1. cathy alvarez says:

    dear sir/madame:

    can you send me a soft copy of ching palace set menus as plan to set up something next month.


  2. Nicole De Guzman says:

    Actually, I was there last sunday. Our relatives had a funtion there but I don’t want to metion the event. It was the worst sevice that I encountered. The type of service or the type of setting was “LAZY SUSAN” so I was expecting that it’s a self service. I was wondering when I asked “MARC” the waiter to get the cover of the soup cause i’ll be the one to serve myself he answered me ” Ibutang ra na! ako lay serve ibalik ang soup bowl diha! He was shouting. I feel embarrassed with my friends beside me. I approached “MARC” in a nice way. That’s why I was so disappointed. For me, I prefer to eat in a cheap restaurant that the waiter treats every guest well. Hope your company will conduct a training to your staff.

  3. Kevin Mullet says:

    I don’t know what this person (above) is talking about. I visited with my wife for the first time last night and I have to say the service was impeccable. You even have a BUZZER on your table which can be pressed any time to bring the wait staff immediately to your table. We were served quickly and graciously but not pestered while we were eating. There was a large group (10-12) at one of the “lazy susan” tables nearby and they had 3-5 waiters hovering around the table at all times. Everyone at Ching Palace was completely professional. And the food was fantastic! It is authentic Cantonese… not overly Filipinized like most Chinese places here in Cebu. We ordered an appetizer and three entrees plus a (giant!) plate of Singaporean noodles… leftovers for a week! Everything was outstanding, especially the noodles and the Shanghai lumpia. The sliced beef in black bean sauce was terrific too. We live near IT Park so it’s just up the street and I’m sure we’ll be eating at Ching Palace a lot!

  4. MayAnn says:

    Unfortunate food. No taste no body. Ate about 1/4 of the serving and did not want to take remainder home.

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