This pension house was build to accomodate people who are comming over to Cebu City. Verbena Pension House is one of the affordable place you can stay for a night or even a longer period of days.


Verbena Pension House was built to accommodate people who are coming over to Cebu City. It is one of the most affordable places you can stay for a night or even for a longer period of time. Most people love to stay here because of their friendly staff and admin. Most schools from other places who are coming over to Cebu for field trips prefer this place for their students because of the accessibility to malls, hospitals and restaurants.


cebu verbena pension house

Cebu Verbena Pension House

Verbena Pension House entrance with a security on duty

Verbena Pension House Entrace

Verben Pension House Entrace

Verbena Pension House Rooms

Cebu Verbena Pension Room

Cebu Verbena Pension Room


Deluxe Rooms
Matrimonial Bed = Php730.00
Matrimonial Bed with hot shower = Php810.00


Super Deluxe Rooms
Super Deluxe 1pax (Php 1,150.00)
Super Deluxe 3pax (Php 1,500.00)

To check more of their rates please visit there site Verbena Pension House


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  1. Mark says:

    Nice pension house with low rates.. The have a free wifi in their lobby.. Great thanks

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