This article is intended for travelers, both foreign and locals, as a guide on how to get to Malapascua Island, a remote yet alluring island in the northernmost part of Cebu.


How to get to Malapascua Island:


1. Go to the Cebu North Bus Terminal. It is located near SM City Cebu.


2. Ride on a bus going to Maya. (There are two bus companies that are bound to north Cebu and vice versa; the Ceres Bus Company and the Rough Riders Bus Company.) There are both airconditioned and ordinary buses. Buses leave every hour from 4:00 in the morning and onwards. The bus fare from Cebu City to Maya ranges from P 150.00 – P 180.00, depending on the bus of your preference.  (Ordinary Buses are cheaper than the ariconditioned ones.)
Note: There are also V-hires (van) that are bound to Maya. The fare is almost the same with the airconditioned bus but it’s a few peso more expensive. Bus travel will take at most four hours.
A taxi ride is also another way to get to Maya. Fare ranges from P 3,000.00 – P 4, 000.00 but will only take 2 hours of travel.


3. Upon reaching Maya, take a boat ride to Malapascua Island. The boats leave every other hour until 2:00 in the afternoon. The fare is P 80.00 only. For exclusive trips, the boat’s cost ranges from P 1,000 – P 2,000.00. There are also the so-called special trips (trips that are not on schedule) which are more expensive than the ordinary ones. The boat ride will take 30-45 minutes. After the boat ride, the magnificence of Malapascua Island will be in view.


Some Features of Malapascua Island:

1. White sand beaches
2. Stunning sunsetMalapascua Island Sunset
3. Beautiful Coral Reefs
4. Great diving experience with manta rays and thresher sharksthresher shark malapascua


Resorts in Malapascua Island:

(these are just a few…)
1. Hippocampus Beach and Dive Resort
2. Cocobana Beach Resort
3. Ocean Vida Resort
4. Sunsplash Resort
5. Blue Corals Beach Resort
6. Bantigue Cove Beach and Dive Shop


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