Bantayan Island


Bantayan is an island situated in the northernmost part of the Cebu Island. This island is known for its fascinating white sand beaches with magnificent crystal clear blue waters. It is regarded as one of Cebu’s secret paradise. People, both foreigners and locals, travel from near and far to visit this breath taking island and witness its beautiful sceneries. The powdery white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, friendly towns folk and peaceful surroundings are some of its pride.


The island also features a variety of resorts that a traveler can choose from. These resorts offer different kinds of individual comfort and fun according to their guests’ preference. Great dishes of sea foods are also served in its restaurants.


Aside from the scenic beaches, Bantayan is also rich in culture and history. The St. Peter and Paul Parish Church is located here. It is regarded as the oldest Catholic Church in the Visayas and Mindanao. Learn more about Bantayan Island.



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