Crimson Beach Resort and Spa


Crimson Beach Resort and Spa is one of the newest beach resorts in Cebu. It is located in the beautiful island of Mactan where most beach resorts are also situated.


Crimson offers exquisite facilities like their four restaurants, a full service spa, and a variety of outdoor water activities. Guests can stroll along the beautiful white sand shore, play volleyball, build sand castles or even feed the fishes. This place is also a perfect venue for garden weddings, beach weddings and whatever kind of wedding one is dreaming of.


Crimson raises the bar for comfort and luxury with premium guestrooms and private villas designed with a neo-Asian feel reassuring one of privacy to commune with nature.


Service at crimson is also totally elegant and professional. They have friendly workers that would always greet their guests with a warm smile and prompt service.


At Crimson, expect to experience elegance, tranquility and comfort all in one.

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