Kawasan Falls


About 130 kilometers southwest Cebu and at most three hours bus ride is the baranggay of Matutinao in the town of Badian, Cebu. Inside its mountains is its pride, the Kawasan Falls, a peaceful natural place with gentle rushing and flowing of ice cold natural spring water.


Kawasan has many waterfalls. The first one is the largest, the most visited and the most crowded. People come from different places just to witness the beauty of nature that only in Kawasan Falls can be seen.


On the way from the entrance to the falls are souvenir stores that sell all sorts of accessories and everything like beaded necklaces, bracelets and T-shirts. There are also stores at the resort that sell food and drinks but the price are quite expensive that’s why it’s advisable to bring food when going there.


There are cottages for rent at the resort. They range from PhP 1,500.00 to PhP 2,500.00. There are also tables available that cost around PhP 500.00. The raft’s rent is PhP 300.00 which will take you around the falls for a refreshing shower massage. Life jackets are also for rent.

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