In Cebu City you can find many great structures like malls and other establishment. One of the structure you can see that has great architectural view isis SM Seaside Mall.



What can you get here in SM Seaside?

– This mall offers many variety of international fashion brand like Forever 21, Sfera, Uniqlo, and H&M. There are other local brands too that you can see while you explore this mall.

How it is different to others?

– Logo of this SM seaside mall are different to other SM mall in the Philippines. It has a cube form that are lighted with beautiful colors around it. SM-Seaside-Cebu-City-2
– You can have a great view around the area using their Skypark.
– It has a hotel in the middle of that mall and they called it Seaside Tower.
– Ice skating rink are located in the higher floor of the mall.
– It has great cinamas
– Food court as also available in this Mall.

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