Oslob Cebu Whale shark

Cebu Heritage MonumentCebu is known worldwide to be among the best Cebu tourist destinations in the Philippines. The island has it all; magnificent beaches, alluring waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, great underwater adventures, delectable food, and friendly people.

Visiting the island is a must for every traveller’s list. Because of its diverse tourist attractions, a vacation of a day or two is not enough to discover its fascinating beauty. Here are some of the things to do when visiting the South of Cebu:


  1. cebu-oslob-tourSwim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob

    Oslob, Cebu is where the whale sharks, famously known as the “gentle giants”, can be seen. It is a three hour drive from Cebu City with a fare of around P140.00-P150.00. Fee for the whale shark watching is P500.00 for the locals and P1,000.00 for foreigners.

  2. Experience paradise in Sumilon Island

    Just few minutes away from the whale watching site is a paradise, the Sumilon Island. Immerse in the crystal clear waters and experience a bit of heaven. The boat ride going to the island costs more or less P2,000.00.

  3. Explore Tumalog Falls in Oslob

    Be mesmerized by the beauty of the curtain-like translucent water of the Tumalog Falls. This place is usually a side trip from the whale watching site. Going to the falls will take you to a nature friendly walk for 10 minutes from the drop off area. The entrance to the falls is Php20.00.

  4. Pescador Island Cebu, Sardine Fishes Moalboal and Pescador Island

    Dip in the beautiful beaches in Moalboal and take a boat going to Pescador Island to swim with the sea turtles and school of fishes (sardines). The bewitching experience in Moalboal is world class. A love for marine life will lead to the waters of Moalboal, where a school of fishes or a sardine run will be witnessed as well as a dive with the sea turtles. The town of Moalboal will be reached by bus or van from Cebu City South Bus Terminal for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Fare for the trip is more or less Php120.00.

  5. Cebu Simala Ruines - Cebu Simala Tour - Simala Tour site - SimalaVisit the Simala Shrine in Sibonga

    For Catholic devotees, this place should be on a Cebu trip list. And even for non-catholics, this castle-like church is worth the visit both for worship and just picture taking. It is located in Sibonga, Cebu, a 2 hours and 30 minute ride from the Cebu City South Bus Terminal. When in there, please observe respect.

  6. Adventure at Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan

    This majestic 100-foot waterfall lies in the town of Ginatilan, Cebu. This plunge type waterfall flows downhill very powerfully that its impact creates a mist that fills the whole area. Inambakan falls can be reached by a 3 hour bus ride from Cebu City going to the town of Ginatilan. A motorcycle ride and a hike is needed to complete the trek.

  7. Experience Canyoneering in Badian 

    Canyoneering in Badian, Kawasan Falls CanyoneeringHave some adrenaline rush and relax at Kawasan Falls. One of the most famous activity amongst tourists in Cebu is the Canyoneering in Badian. From the drop-off, a series of waterfall jumping, swimming, and caving will be undergone to complete the trek. This activity will end at the most famous waterfall in Cebu, the Kawasan Falls. After the mind-blowing activity, the waters at Kawasan will be a perfect place for relaxation. Badian can be reached by more than 3 hour bus ride from the city proper of Cebu. The price of the canyoneering is approximately Php1,500.00 per person.

  8. Go to Dau Falls In Samboan

    Dau Falls is the highest waterfall in Samboan. Its pristine waters awaits each visitor after undergoing a 30-45 minute trek. The municipality of Samboan can be reached by 3-4 hours bus ride from Cebu City. The trek going to the falls is a little challenging because some parts are slippery and wet. The entrance to the waterfall is only Php20.00.

  9. Climb Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete to commune with nature

    The Osmeña Peak is located in Dalaguete, Cebu; a town in the south that can be reached by a bus ride of 2-3 hours. The peak is a part of the Mantalungon Mountain Range and is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level making it the highest peak in the whole Cebu Island. A trek to the peak is a good activity to commune with nature and to witness a 360 degree view of the Cebu Island. Fee for the trek is Php20.00 per person

  10. Visit Mantayupan Falls in Barili 

    Mantayupan is one of the tallest waterfalls in all Cebu island. It is located in Barili, Cebu; a 1 1/2 hour bus ride from Cebu City and the fare is more or less Php70.00 only. This waterfall is so far the most accessible because the trek going to the falls is not very long. The entrance fee to the waterfalls is only Php10.00, cheap enough to witness such an amazing beauty.

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