Buwakan ni Alejandra - Cebu Flowers - Balamban Flowers

A new attraction in Gaas, Balamban, Cebu is paving its way to fame. It is the newly opened “Buwakan ni Alejandra”…


Located at about 32 kilometers from the city, the charismatic garden is enticing tourists and visitors to conquer the long travel just to witness its glamour.


The name “Buwakan ni Alejandra” (Alejandra’s Flower Farm) was derived from the Visayan word “buwak” which means “flower” and Alejandra is the name of the mother-in-law of the owner and landscaper, Eleuterio Getapa. The name was given in honor of Alejandra’s love for flowers.

Buwakan ni Alejandra - Cebu Flowers - Balamban Flowers

The flower garden covers an area of 700 square meters and expansion is still ongoing. There are over 200 varieties of local plants found in the garden and there will be more in the future. Different kinds of fascinating flowers with vibrant colors embellish the garden and that is what makes it attractive. Among the flowers that can be found in the garden are roses, dahlias, wax begonias, hibiscus, angel trumpets, and cleome or spider flowers.


The garden is open everyday from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm. A minimal fee of Php50.00 for adults and Php20.00 for children below 8 years old should be paid for the entrance.


Buwakan ni Alejandra

Buwakan ni Alejandra

Buwakan ni Alejandra - Birthday Cake Flower

Birthday Cake Flower

So why would anyone visit this place? Here are the reasons why…


COLORS… The vibrancy of the colors of the plants and flowers is truly enchanting. When speaking of a garden, one usually thinks of just a handful of variety and colors. But in Buwakan ni Alejandra, it is different. Plants are placed in a way that each variety will stand out and would create a very beautiful contrast.


WEATHER… Since it is located in a high land, the temperature is colder. This allows its guests to be comfortable while taking pictures even if it is noon time.


CONVENIENCE… This flower garden is located along the road, thus taking away the inconvenience of walking a long trail just to behold its beauty. Public transportations like vans are available so it is safer than riding a motorcycle. Other tourist destinations are also in the neighborhood so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Some of the neighboring tourist spots are Adventure Cafe, Florentino’s, and West 35 (5 minute drive).


NATURE… The greenery of the mountains is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The colors, natural breeze, and the unspoiled silence that only nature can give will give a different kind of peace and relaxation.


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