Kawasan Falls 1st Level

Setting aside all the magnificent beaches, Cebu will still rise up as a tourist destination because of its waterfalls. The venue for the most sought canyoneering activity tops the list with the most tourists and visitors.

Here is a list of Cebu’s waterfalls:

  1. Binalayan Falls– Also located in Samboan, Cebu, just 5 minutes away from the entrance of Aguinid Falls. This waterfall is perfect for those looking for peace and serenity because it is not as crowded as the other famous waterfalls. It is also called as the “Hidden Falls” and the third of Samboan’s waterfall trilogy. Being first on the list, this waterfall is the most beautiful among all the others yet so underrated.
  2. Cebu Binalayan Falls
  3. Kawasan Falls – considered to be the most popular, this falls is so attractive to tourists especially to those seeking for extreme adventures. This is where the canyoneering adventure takes place. This Falls is located in Badian, Cebu, an approximately 3 hour ride from Cebu City.
  4. Kawasan Falls 1st Level
    Kawasan Falls 1st Level
    Kawasan Falls 2nd Level
  5. Tumalog Falls – This Falls is the second most visited waterfalls since it is a part of the itinerary for Oslob Tour. What makes this waterfall unique is the curtain-like fresh water that falls down smoothly like a rainfall.
  6. Tumalog Falls
  7. Mantayupan Falls – This is located in Barili, Cebu. This waterfall must be the most accessible of all the waterfalls in Cebu since there is no need for a long trekking just to get to the main falls. This is also considered as the tallest waterfall in the south of Cebu.
  8. Aguinid Falls – This waterfall may not be as towering as the others but it surely is a wonder. It is located in Samboan, Cebu. Going to the highest level of the waterfall and seeing its magnificence requires at least an hour of trekking. But it is still worth the effort because the beauty and uniqueness of Aguinid will erase the fatigue experienced from the trek.
  9. Cebu Aguinid Falls
  10. Dau Falls – Another part of the Samboan’s waterfall trilogy, this waterfall is the highest among the three. Going to this waterfall requires at least 45 minutes of trekking that includes passing through rivers and streams. Its beauty and the cold and fresh water are truly a bonus after the long walk.

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