Ricos Lechon in Cebu

When talking about Cebu, one could always think of the crispy, luscious, and great tasting lechon (roasted pig). No wonder, Cebu was named as “The Lechon Capital of the Philippines”. Many people say that a trip to Cebu will never be complete without trying the most delicious lechon in the country, the Lechon de Cebu.

There are lots of Lechon makers in Cebu, so tasting one is never a problem because even the smallest restaurants have it in their menu. The problem is which one offers the best.

These are the top 5 best tasting lechon in Cebu in no particular order:

  1. Rico’s Lechon – Being in the industry for quite a while now, Rico’s lechon is sure to have mastered the lechon making techniques. With a vast of experiments, they came up with the taste that would let people try it over and over again. They also pioneered the spicy lechon. They have branches in Mactan, Mabolo, Banilad, and Talamban.
  2. CnT Lechon – Started in 1987 by Norman Quijada, CnT lechon has since earned its popularity to tourists and locals. They have branches at V. Rama Avenue, L. Briones Street, and SM Seaside.
  3. Ayer’s Lechon – Ayer’s Lechon is among the lechon makers in Cebu who are starting to be known for its great tasting crispy lechon. They also cater out of town orders by shipping them to the designated places of their customers. Its main branch is located in Banilad, Cebu and branches at Mactan-Cebu Airport, Asiatown IT Park, SM City Cebu, Gaisano South Colon, and Elizabeth Mall.
  4. Zubuchon – Zubuchon is founded by Joel Binamira and was established in 2009. The aim of this company is to support local economy by helping the people in local towns to earn a living by buying their pigs. Zubuchon Boasts its naturally flavored lechon. They do not put artificial flavors luke MSG, ginisa mix, and other artificial flavoring which makes their lechon unique and different from the rest.
  5. Carcar’s Lechon – Carcar is popularly known for Lechon. They have the cheapest lechons in the market. Though, not as tasty as the others lechon makers above, Carcar’s lechon is becoming popular especially to those tourists who are heading south.

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