Mactan Airport
Mactan Airport
2021 March 1-31 Cebu Travel Requirements

CEBU (CEB) Travel Guidelines

Cebu Province

Travel PermissionMGCQ: March 01 – 31, 2021
RemindersAll passengers and personnel should wear face shields and face masks when accessing Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal premises and during their flight. Face shield should sufficiently cover nose and mouth. Persons with incomplete documents shall not be allowed to board the aircraft. Confirmed Round Trip Plane Ticket must also be presented (except for LSI and ROF) Fill-out Province of Cebu Public Health Passenger Locator Form
ROFNegative RT-PCR result and Quarantine Certification issued by DOH- Bureau of Quarantine; Identification Card
LSI (Locally Stranded Individual)Valid identification Card
APORValid ID from respective government agency Original or certified true copy of a travel authority or order issue by the Department of Secretary or his designated official (Government APOR) Travel Order (Private APOR) Medical Certificate (Private APOR)

Valid Medical Certificate (issued by a reputable doctor and within seven (7) days prior to travel date) Proof of Pre-booking at a resort or hotel establishment where pax will stay during the duration of visit. The resort or hotel establishment should be located within the Province of Cebu and duly accredited by the Cebu Provincial Task Force Pass symptoms checking or screening at the point of departure and point of arrival

Cebu City

Travel PermissionMGCQ: March 01 – 31, 2021
RemindersNo person shall be allowed entry into the City without presenting an Authority to Enter (ATE). Such ATE shall be issued upon the submission/upload of the following documents to the Cebu City Government Portal at
NotesExemptions from the Letter of Coordination and Quarantine / PCR Swab Test Requirements: Transiting pax in Manila provided they will show proof of port of origin (e.g. boarding pass, ticket) Originating pax from Cebu City who are classified as APOR (Cebu City based worker/employer who will have a short visit to Manila) Passengers under the classification above who cannot provide a Letter of Coordination will be accepted upon check-in, and will need to call/coordinate with their barangays before boarding Upon arrival in Mactan Cebu Airport, passengers without a Letter of Coordination will need to approach the kiosk of the Cebu City LGU for validation and confirmation of acceptance.

RT-PCR Negative Result (3 days prior to departure) BOQ Certificate
LSI / Private APOR / Medical and Other ReasonsRT-PCR Negative Result (3 days prior to departure) 
o Saliva and Antigen test is subject for approval from Cebu City Mayor’s Office

Authority to Enter (ATE) form from Cebu City
o Cebu City ATE application (
PUBLIC APORPUBLIC APOR/Government Employee Government Agency ID IATF/EOC CARD Holders IATF/EOC ID Pass

 RT-PCR Negative result (test must have been taken 3 days from the date of travel) Travel itinerary for the duration of stay in Cebu City or for the first ten (10) days, whichever is shorter; Confirmed Booking of Accommodation in Cebu City; Round-trip ticket/travel details Authority to Enter Cebu City form

Lapu-lapu City

Travel PermissionMGCQ: March 01 – 31, 2021 Allowed*
No need to present Acceptance Letters, Travel Authority, Negative RT-PCR Test, Medical Certificates, and other travel documents (“No RT-PCR, No Quarantine” policy) provided that: Passenger does not exhibit any symptoms and passes the symptoms screening tests at ports of entry and exit. The Mactan Cebu International Airport and GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation are directed to provide strict health assessment supervised by medical doctors to all arriving domestic passengers in the airport, and to put in place a referral system for travelers who exhibit symptoms. Passenger shall wear face mask and face shield, observe physical distancing, comply with contact tracing requirements, and other public health standards mandated within Lapu-Lapu City. For domestic tourists, all hotels and resorts shall implement health assessment and contact tracing measures before allowing a guest to enter hotel or resort. The City of Lapu-Lapu shall no longer issue medical certificates and notice of availability to travel for residents departing for local or international destinations.
ROF / FOREIGN NATIONALS (Authorized to enter the Philippines from abroad)Passenger shall have a pre-booked accommodation for at least six (6) nights in an accredited hotel or facility where they shall isolate immediately upon arrival. Passenger shall undergo RT-PCR test at the hotel/facility on the 6th day from date of arrival. If the traveler test negative of COVID-19 and can show proof of vaccination from COVID-19, he/she shall no longer be required to continue isolating. However, if the traveler has a negative result but not yet vaccinated, he/she shall be allowed to go home but continue isolating for the remainder of the 14-day quarantine.

Mandaue City

Travel PermissionMGCQ: March 01 – 31, 2021
ROFNegative RT-PCR result and Quarantine Certification issued by DOH- Bureau of Quarantine Identification Card
LSIValid identification Card Certificate of Barangay Residency Complete Address in Mandaue City
APORCertificate of Employment Work/Travel Order Company ID Travel Itinerary Confirmed Hotel booking/Accommodation Government APORS Government Agency ID Travel Order Travel Itinerary          
Government-issued ID/Proof of Identification Confirmed Hotel Booking/Accommodation Travel Itinerary
Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each destination on national and provincial levels. These rules are subject to change by the issuing local government authority and are issued for our passengers’ and the public’s safety.  As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories above serve as a general guide. *CAAP list of airports with LGU Clearance to resume commercial flights.  Some airports, while allowing the resumption of commercial flights, are subject to different documentary and passenger LGU restrictions.

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