One of the best dive destination in Cebu is Moalboal. Many local and foreign tourist visited Moalboal and experience the best dives according to many reviewers. Some of them are starter that they need to do PADI courses and but other are new and experience willing to do the dive. Avail our Dive packages in Moalboal.

Moalboal Dive Packages Rates

1. Moalboal Shore (1 Dive) - Php2,500.00

2. Moalboal Shore and Boat (2 Dives) - Php4,500.00

3. Moalboal Shore, Pescador Island and Moalboal Dive Sites (3 Dives) - Php5,400.00

How to do reserve your dive

1. If you're staying in Moalboal the you can use our booking form and we will assist you as soon as possible.

2. If you're staying in Metro Cebu you can inform us so we can arrange your transfer to Moalboal and do a dive in that area. This can be done is a day tour dive.

3. If you're interested with our dive packages and willing to do dives in 2 days, you can send an inquiry in our Cebu Customized Dive Packages form.

4. For advance divers willing to spend their vacation in the Sea you can do a Safari Tour

5. For student who want to do dive certifications you can visit our PADI Courses.

Moalboal Dive Shop

We are partnered with many professional dive center all around Cebu and we hope we can be able to provide you the best dive you need when you will do dives here in Cebu.