Oslob Tours

We present to you our Oslob Tour packages and services. If you’re new to this place, this page can guide and help you in your adventure.

Why Oslob

Oslob is one of the 4th class municipalities in the province of Cebu with 21 Barangays and it is founded in the year 1848. The language they are using in this municipality is Cebuano and some people here know how to speak English.

Oslob is located in the south part of Cebu Island and around 118km or 73miles away from Cebu City. It will take around 5-6hrs if you will be using a bus and for Special Hire Van it might take you around 3-4hrs.

Tourist attractions

These are the reason why you want to visit Oslob.

Baluarte – This is a Spanish watchtower that was built in 1788. The purpose was to provide defense from the Moro pirates that might invade their community.

Old Church – Built in 1830 with 18years in the constructions and its bell tower was built in 1858. It was burned down during the World War II 1945 but after ten years later it was restored in 1955.

Cuartel – one of the oldest Spanish era barracks still preserved. It was the old office of the Spanish Soldiers where they use to protect and preserve their community from Moro Pirates.

Sumilon Island – This is a nearby Island with 24-hectare (59-acre). It has a marine sanctuary and a beautiful white sand bar. Part of this Island was developed by Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort where you can book and stay here for a while.

Whale Shark – In Tan-Awan about 10kilometres from the center of Oslob you can swim with these beautiful gentle Whale sharks with the help of the fisherman assigned in this activity. It is one of the highlight here in Oslob.

Tumalog Falls – Is one of the beautiful falls in Oslob that is located above the mountain of barangay Luka.

What activities you can in Oslob?

We provide Tours in Oslob especially if you’re located nearby the area. Oslob is growing because of the beautiful and gentle Whalesharks found in the town of Tan-awan, Oslob.

These are the Oslob Tours we can do for you.

  1. Whaleshark Watching
  2. Whaleshark Watching with Tumalog Waterfalls
  3. Whaleshark Watching with Aguinid Falls
  4. Whaleshark Watching with Kawasan Falls
  5. Whaleshark Watching with Moalboal Island Hopping

It will be better if you book ahead with us to prepare your tour. We will check the availability of the tour requested and we will provide a feedback once we had received your request.