Whaleshark in Oslob Tan-awan

What is Whaleshark

Whale sharks in scientific terms are called (Rhincodon typus), In the Philippines, it is known as butanding, they are the world’s largest fish, measuring up to 18m in size and weighing up to 34 tons. Whale sharks make ocean-wide migrations and congregate around areas of high food density.

They eat zooplankton a small fish with their largemouth through their filters. Their mouth can open up to 1m wide.

The whale shark has a unique pattern of white lines and spots. Scientist says that these unique patterns are used as ‘fingerprints’ to recognized individuals.

About Whaleshark in Oslob

The Whaleshark is part of the Island of Cebu particularly in Tan-awan, Oslob Cebu. In the early years, Oslob is a peaceful and quiet place for the locals. One way for the locals to live is through fishing but fisherman doesn’t like the Whaleshark because they sometimes disrupt or damage their fishing net. In that late-year 2000, foreign and local tourists have known about these beautiful and lovely gentle creatures in the village and few of them are interested to see these Whale sharks. With the help of the locals, they will bring a guest to the Whaleshark through a small boat, and visitors can swim with the whale shark. Sometimes, locals that are guiding the guests will play with this Whaleshark. Many guests had taken pictures and post it through their social media accounts. Now they had realized that what they do is not the right one. It will endanger the life of the whale shark and affect the way they live.

In the year 2014, the Government starts to organize the Whale Shark watching to make sure that this lovely creature and tourists will be safe, protected, and be preserved in the coming years. The had made a council with the local residences and made a plan that the local residents in Oslob can only be chosen to guide the tourist. With the fees that they are collecting from the guests, the guide will get paid through the collection that the government is charging each of the guests who are paying to interact with the Whalesharks.

According to many, this had helped the locals’ fishermen find a better way to provide and support their families.

Rules in Whaleshark Watching

  • All guests who would want to watch or swim with the whale sharks must undergo orientation at the Briefing Center and they need to follow these rules.
    1. No touching of the whale shark
    2. Maintain 2-3 meters distance from this lovely creature.
    3. Do not chase the whale shark
    4. Do not jump or create bubbles, the whale shark is attracted to it and they might be frightened.
    5. Do not put sunscreen lotion on your body when you will interact with the whale shark. These chemicals can hurt the whale sharks.
    6. Viewing is only limited to 30mins
    7. No flash photography

How to get to the Whalesharks in Oslob, Cebu

There are many ways how to get there in the Whalesharks interaction located in Tanawan, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. We have listed a few guides from the Airport of Mactan, Moalboal, Dumaguete Island and Bohol.

  1. Mactan Airport or Metro Cebu to Whale Shark Interaction
    • Taxi – You can pick up a good taxi at the Airport and you can inform the driver to bring you to Oslob.
    • Bus
    • Travel Agencies – CCT Travel and Tour
    • Car Shuttle – Oslob Car Rental
  2. Moalboal or Badian to Whale Shark Interaction
  3. Dumaguete Island to Whale Shark Interaction in Oslob, Cebu
    • Private Cars
    • Travel Agencies
    • Car Transport
  4. Bohol Island to Whale Shark Interaction in Oslob, Cebu
    • DIY – By Boat
    • Travel Agencies